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Main-Follow extension lead with automatic switching

The perfect extension lead for every application - optimise your power consumption. Saves money and benefits the environment

As a manufacturer with brennenstuhl® extension leads, we naturally want to make our contribution to this by constantly increasing environmental awareness. Therefore we offer more and more different variations for multiple sockets. These are optimally adapted to different fields of application in order to save as much electricity as possible.

In addition to the simple, permanent extension leads, which continuously distribute power to the end devices, there are also extension leads with switches, which can completely disconnect the end devices from the electricity. The Main-Follow extension leads offer the best way to save money in terms of energy efficiency. The follow sockets are only released when the device in the main is switched on.

To be able to offer the perfect solution for every application, we have in our range of extension leads in, some combinations of these 3 different extension leads systems.

Combination of Main-Follow extension leads and extension leads with switch

In addition to pure Main-Follow extension leads, brennenstuhl® also offers Main-Follow extension leads with slots independent of the Main-Follow system. These extra slots are permanently switched on as soon as the main switch for the entire strip is set to "ON".


For example, you can supply a computer with power via the main and a monitor, a music system and a printer via the follows. The permanent extension lead can also be used to connect a telephone and a WLAN router to the mains supply.


Electronic devices that need electricity all the time also get it. Devices that only need power for a short time are supplied with power via the Main-Follow System. If none of the connected devices is needed for a longer period of time, you simply disconnect all end devices completely from the power supply by means of a switch. And all this is only possible with the help of a power strip. Saves electricity, money and contributes to environmental protection.

Combination of permanent extension leads and extension leads with switch

This combination offers the possibility to use permanent socket outlets and socket outlets which can be completely switched off with a switch. Thus the extension lead can be switched individually.


For everyday use, for example, you can use the permanent sockets to supply power to a WLAN router and a telephone. You could plug a TV set, a receiver or even a lamp into the slots that can be switched off.

In the professional sector, for example, you can use the permanent sockets to supply power to centrally controlled computers that need to run overnight. Peripheral devices could be supplied with power via the switchable sockets so that they can be switched on and off as required. For this reason, an extension lead was developed in cooperation with the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen for active environmental protection.


Devices which require continuous power are also continuously supplied with power. Devices which only need electricity for a short time can be actively disconnected from the power supply. And all of this via an extension lead. active environmental protection



Combination of Main-Follow extension leads and extension leads with switch and combination of permanent extension lead and extension lead with switch