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Extension leads


Selected product lines: -

Our portfolio of extension leads offers a large selection of functionality, equipment and design in order to offer you the best possible multiple extension leads for work and leisure. Which extension lead meets your requirements?

Use the filter options and discover here which extension lead meets your needs.

Extension leads for every application thanks to perfect power distribution with smart extras


What is an extension lead?

An extension lead, also referred to as multiple socket or outlet strip, provides a power supply connection for several electrical devices with standard plug connection. extension lead
This gives you the possibility to supply a large number of electrical devices. Extension leads are available with illuminated on/off switch, increased touch protection, overvoltage protection, Main-Follow function and many other features. In order to be able to use the application in the best possible manner, diverse extension leads are also suitable for assembly.

What kinds of extension leads are there?

Outlet strips with overvoltage protection:

These multiple sockets are able to protect your devices from faults in the power supply, such as overvoltage, indirect lightning strikes or circuit noise.

Main-Follow extension leads:

These outlet strips feature a practical automatic switching system with Main-Follow function which works as follows:
master slave extension leadWhen the device which is plugged into the red main socket is switched on/off, all devices in the follow sockets can automatically be switched on and off as well.This multiple extension lead is suitable for anyone who wants to be comfortable and simultaneously wants to save power.

Extension leads with on/off switch:

Extension leads with illuminated on/off switches are available in many different versions.
In addition to the classic extension leads with on and off switch, which supply all socket outlets with power at the same time, there are also extension leads that can supply power to socket outlets individually.
The individually switchable extension leads with extra-large spacing and/or with a two-pole switch enable electrical appliances to be switched on and off individually without interrupting the complete power supply of the other electrical appliances plugged in. 

In addition, there are extension leads with hand and foot switches, which are perfect for hiding extension leads behind the sofa, for example, but still need to be conveniently switchable.

 extension lead individually switchable


Wireless extension leads

 tira de alimentación inalámbricaRemote control socket strips allow for the convenient control of the plugged in devices by means of remote control or app. Thanks to intelligent wireless socket strips. You spare yourself unnecessary to and fro. Just connect all desired lamps or devices up to 3,500 W to the wireless socket strip and control them comfortably from the couch. It goes without saying that the outlet strips can also be operated manually and independent of the remote control and/or app.

Extension leads with overvoltage protection

What are overvoltages?

Overvoltages are all voltages that temporarily surpass the threshold value of the mains voltage. Without effective protection, the overvoltages destroy sensitive electronic components in the circuits of the connected appliances.

What are the reasons for overvoltages?

The most dangerous causes are very high voltage peaks caused by indirect lightning strikes. Power surges also get into the power supply with immense power by means of indirect lightning strikes or reach computer systems, video equipment and Hi-Fi equipment via the telephone and aerial cable and destroy these devices,if they are not adequately protected.

Why is overvoltage protection so important?

Protection from overvoltages and electromagnetic current peaks can be achieved by using overvoltage protection extension leads which are used between the power supply (socket) and the device. They make sure that dangerous overvoltages are discharged to the ground in a matter of seconds and thus, the connected devices are protected.

extension lead with overvoltage protection


Which extension lead for which use?

Which extension lead for Hi-Fi and TV?

extension lead with switchIn general, all outlet strips for TV and Hi-Fi systems meet their target. They supply the device with power. Nevertheless, the importance of technically high-quality cable connections is often underestimated. The gain in sound quality thanks to an anti-interference power outlet strip is often amazing and not related to the price class of your Hi-Fi components. Due to the fact that upstream, more than x metres of a simple ribbon connector are connected from the house distributor to your socket, which cannot be changed, enormous interference results, e.g. humming of the power amplifier, the speakers, occasional clicking and clacking sound in the playback. So if you have a source of interference and the cause cannot be remedied or realised, the only solution that remains is an output strip with integrated filter and overvoltage protection. Upstream filters at electronic devices are able to considerably increase the transmission capacity. So that perfect protection of Hi-Fi systems from power failures, power fluctuations or overvoltage damage is guaranteed.

Which extension lead for PC?

A multiple socket strips helps you to supply the devices at the workplace such as PC or printer with power. Apart from that, there may also be speakers, telephone, external hard disks, etc. The socket strip should in any case have enough sockets and also an integrated overvoltage protection. This provides protection from voltage peaks which even occur at great distances from the point of impact. The on/off switch serves your comfort. When not used, it can easily be switch off completely and thus, power can be saved. Here, Main-Follow extension leads are perfectly suited. As main device, you can for example use a computer which integrates follow devices such as monitor, sound system, printer, scanner, etc. into the automatic control.

Extension leads with USB

You generally make a distinction between a USB hub and USB charger. But what exactly is the difference between hub and charger? In addition to the sockets, type A ports are offered, as well; they serve the connection of USB end devices such as keyboard/mouse, printer, USB stick and USB hard disks and can thus be elegantly connected. Meaning that these USB ports only allow for “distribution”, not for charging.

The power supply of the USB hub is realised by means of the connection to a PC and/or a notebook using the type B socket. If you want to use the USB hub without connecting it to a computer, you need an external 5V power supply unit.


Table extension leads and retractable extension leads offer special comfort

Tower Power Desktop Extension SocketThe multiple sockets which are directly placed at and on the table not only offer the desired power distribution and, upon request, a USB charging function, they also provide special comfort. They offer a practical possibility to directly connect electronic devices without having to look for a free socket under the desk. If this extension lead is additionally equipped with a USB connection, you can, for example, also charge your smartphone or power bank. The power connection can be comfortably separated using an on/off switch.

The innovative permanently installed table socket for flexible workplace design can be lowered into the table plate and discreetly fits into the table surface. The outlet strip is suitable for the workplace, the kitchen or also your home work station. An integrated USB connection is a special feature.

Extension leads for mounting

There are definitely many possible applications for extension leads. On the one hand, there are sockets strips with a simple on/off switch, with practical hand/foot switch or also extension leads which can be controlled via remote control or app - for special comfort. Extension leads have not just been lying on the floor around the wall mounting extension leadhousehold for a long time. Some extension leads are suitable for mounting on the wall or table. That’s exactly the reason why our product range includes sockets strips which are equipped with a 4-point support for perfect fastenin g, e.g. at a wall. However, if you prefer an assembly without screwing or drilling, you will also find the suitable extension lead. For this purpose, we have a very special fastening system. An intelligent, removable assembly plate for easy and straightforward fastening on the back side of the extension lead. Just take out the SB flap by slightly pressing the snap lug. By rotating the plate by 180° and re-engagement on the extension lead, the assembly openings are positioned correctly for the assembly. Additional practical flaps for the assembly with Velcro, cable tie & co. are located at both end pieces on the back side.

mounting plate extension lead


Residual current device, IP44, increased touch protection and more: Safety with extension leads

The RCD personal protection serves as a mobile electrical accident protection between socket and device. It separates the active conductors from the mains at lightning speed as soon as residual currents occur. The RCD circuit breaker serves as mobile electrical accident protection between socket and device. It instantly disconnects the active conductors from the mains as soon as residual currents occur. Protection type IP44 means that the device is protected from foreign bodies and splash water.
Explained in brief:

IP= International Protection
4= (first indicator) Protection against solid foreign bodies
4= (second indicator) Protection against water

The increased touch protection of our plug connectors (in the form of a cover) prevents small or pointed objects from being inserted into the socket.

What do you have to pay attention to when purchasing extension leads?

In some areas, the number of sockets cannot be large enough. Especially at a workplace, for example, you need a socket for the computer, the monitor, the sound system, the printer, etc. In this case, it does no harm to buy an output strip with a lot of sockets. It will then only be annoying if the number of sockets is enough, the supply line, however, is too short. For this reason, we offer extension leads with different cable lengths from 1.5m to 5m. The choice of the perfect extension lead is, of course, dependent on the type and application.

Frequently asked: Is it allowed to connect extension leads one after another?

It should be said in advance that you should generally not connect extension leads one after another. This must (according to VDE 0620) even be noted on the outlet strip by means of the “do not connect one after another” warning. Of course, a multiple socket has many advantages. On the other hand, it offers multiple connection possibilities for several devices; on the other hand, it serves as a kind of extension cable and can therefore be used flexibly. However, the maximum power of approx. 3,500 Watt must still not be exceeded at one extension lead.

Explained in more detail: So why should extension leads not be connected one after another?

In case of overload, it may already heat up to up to 200 degrees after few minutes and in the worst case even start a so-called “smouldering fire”. A smouldering fire differs from a normal fire in that there are no visible flames. A fire of this kind is particularly dangerous as it cannot easily be identified. In order to prevent this, you should calculate exactly how many devices can be connected at an individual socket strip. The relevant power of the device can be found on the so-called “type plate”. A sample calculation and more information are available here: Never plug in several extension leads one after the other


The brennenstuhl® extension lead range at a glance

  • Premium-Line
    The Premium Line with its aesthetic, durable plastic or aluminium housing is ideally suited for connecting IT/video and audio systems comfortably with multiple devices. Easy to plug in and switch on devices directly on the table. (=> Premium Aluminium Line / Premium Line / Aluminium Office Line / Premium Office Line)
  • Premium-Protect-Line
    The Premium Protect Line protects your devices from faults in the power supply such as overvoltage, indirect lightning strikes or circuit noise. It also offers high-quality protection from high frequency interference thanks to its integrated filter. The particularly stable, anodised aluminium casing has an intelligent interchangeable modular structure design.
  • Super-Solid-Line
    Very stable in its construction, the Super Solid Line is an extension lead made from shatterproof polycarbonate. It doesn’t just impress through its quality and safety in all areas – a special cable inlet opposite the switch makes operating this socket strip super easy under the table, for example. A greater socket distance also means you can use power supplies. With suspension device.
  • Eco-Line
    Thanks to the diagonally arranged sockets, the Eco Line multiple extension lead makes it possible to plug in appliances with angle plugs. The standard extension lead also impresses thanks to its increased touch protection and its excellent quality. The overvoltage protection variant protects valuable devices from overvoltage.
  • Ecolor
    The Ecolor socket doesn't just stand out because of its polished surface. The shockproof sockets in 45° arrangement are ideally suited for angle plugs. The elegant, slim, timeless, high-quality design pushes the visual value of this extension lead up even more.
  • Bremounta
    The Bremounta convinces thanks to its stylish design. It offers optimal installation options thanks to the screw holes for easy installation on the wall, for example. The arrangement of the sockets at a 90° angle allows you to connect angle plugs.
  • Desktop Power
    The Desktop Power socket strip is essential for any computer desk. Ideal for connecting a notebook, for example. Here, you have USB connections in the form of USB hub or USB charger within comfortable reach at the same time.
  • Primera-Line
    The Primera Line is a design extension lead with clever features. It doesn't just impress thanks to its quality and safety in all areas. The extension lead also convinces with its variable cable outlet on both sides. It includes a cable clip to stow away any excess cable. This multi-plug also has fastening eyes for wall installation.
  • Primera-Tec
    Primera Tec is a high-gloss extension lead with overvoltage protection. It protects valuable devices from overvoltage. The extension lead doesn't just impress through its quality and safety in all areas. It will also impress you with its stylish, stable, polished, shatterproof polycarbonate casing.
  • Secure-Tec
    The Secure Tec overvoltage protection socket strip protects valuable devices from overvoltage. The socket strip doesn't just impress through its quality and safety in all areas. It will also convince you with its sockets with increased touch protection practically arranged at 45°.
  • Comfort-Line
    The Comfort Line and its stylish design will convince you with their plug sockets which are arranged at 90° angles and therefore ideally suited to angle plugs. The extra wide socket distance makes it possible to use power supplies. Thanks to the screw holes, you can opt for a simple fixed installation of the extension lead on the wall, for example. The multi-plug also includes an innovative, practical, space-saving flat plug.
  • Tower-Power
    The Tower Power is a retractable table socket for fixed installation. It is discreetly inserted into the surface of the table. Suitable for the workplace, kitchen or even home workshops. It also impresses with its stylish, robust aluminium casing. The slim design can be lowered completely into the tabletop. Also available as USB charger variant. A simpler, quicker installation is guaranteed with a drill hole of 60 mm Ø.
  • Hugo-Line
    The stylish hugo! overvoltage protection extension lead protects valuable devices from overvoltage and distinguishes itself with a polished, high breakage-resistance polycarbonate housing.